Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time without the need for Customer's approval in accordance with the Company's policy or service providers or local and international laws and regulations. These terms govern the contract between the company and the customer in the framework of providing services to him, and cannot in any way affect the rights of any third party who may benefited from services such as hotel airlines, land or maritime transportation, tourist journeys …etc.,, and it is known to the client that the role of the company is limited to providing and reservation services according to the conditions of the service providers, and that he must be aware of these terms and conditions directly from the service provider or from the company, as these conditions may differ from one service provider to another, especially regarding the policy of changing, cancellation, check-in and check-out. After the customer has booked the services provided for in this offer whether in writing, orally or any other communication means and the prices listed therein, by signing it, the offer becomes binding on the company and the customer due to availability of acceptance and confirmation. Neither party may refer to it except in accordance with the provisions of the policy Change and cancellation and the company is fulfilling its obligations and is not responsible for the benefit of the customer from the service as the company role is to mediate between the client and the other party. The Customer acknowledges that he has full authority to make the booking of the services provided by the Company on behalf of all the companions mentioned in this offer, and undertakes to pay all amounts due or that may result from those services since he’s considered as guarantor.

Payment terms:
The customer should pay the full amount in this offer at the time of confirmation and he also undertakes to pay all amounts that may result from the services provided by the company to him after this offer upon his request, including - but not limited to - the following:
1. Request extension of service days or change of dates.
2. Request to add some services not included in the offer.
3. Request to upgrade some services to a higher category than agreed upon in the offer.
If the customer pays a deposit for the services booked in the offer, he must complete the remaining amount at the time of confirmation. Otherwise, the booking will be treated as if canceled and the customer will be charged the cancellation fee as set out in the cancellation policy below.
It is agreed that the currency accepted by the company for services listed in the offer is Saudi Riyal, and that the customer can use one of the following payment methods (Cash, certified cheques, credit cards approved in the Kingdom, debit cards or bank transfer).
When the customer pays the amounts entitled by the services provided to him, the company delivers him a receipt showing the amount received and details the services provided to him.

Post. Payment terms (Credit):

If the customer requests a credit facility and the Company agrees to do so, he must immediately, after agreeing the offer, provide an unconditional bank guarantee of the full value of the services listed in the offer or release a full-value bond whose entitlement date is valid to the date of expiry of the flight or after sixty days from the date of the contract between the company and the customer, and the customer undertakes to pay all costs that may arise after this offer if any.
Stability of service prices:
It is agreed that the prices shown in this offer are not fixed and may be changed by the company or the service providers, unless the customer approves the offer and pays the services stated therein, confirming, providing the bank guarantee or the ordered bond to the post. Payment customers.

Change policy:

If the customer wishes to change any of the services mentioned in the offer after approval, he will have to contact the company directly or through the company's official email, and the company will try to meet the client's request as far as possible, according to the policies and conditions of the service providers. To make the necessary change, the customer must pay the resulting amount, fees or increase in the cost of services due to the change, including the upgrade of the accommodation category or increase the number of companions or change the dates or the length of stay according to the type of reservation and service provided in addition to the policy and conditions of the service provider. It is agreed that changes that may be made by the customer after the expiration of the periods granted by the service providers will be treated as if they were canceled and in this case the Company will apply the provisions of the Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation Policy:

If the customer or one of his companions wishes to cancel all or some of the services included in the offer after his confirmation and approval, he shall inform the company in writing, then the company will contact the service providers and notify them by the customer's request for cancellation, the fees which the customer should be paid will be counted from the date of company receiving the written notification which may be differ according to cancellation date, as well as the conditions and policies of service providers, and it is agreed that the company will not be able to refund the advanced payment or any other amounts paid by the customer in case the policy and conditions of service providers not permitted that.

Refund Policy:

If the customer requests to change or cancel all or some of the services included in this offer and to be included the amounts paid, he must take into account the difference between the services, the refundable and nonrefundable services and bookings, and accordingly, the customer can recover the amounts of services and reservations according to the following conditions:
1. To submit a written request containing the amendment or cancellation within the specified periods in accordance with the policy and conditions of the service provider.
2. The services and bookings would not be nonrefundable or nonadjustable in accordance with the service provider's policy and conditions.
3. The customer shall bear the fees and penalties that may be imposed by the service provider as well as the cancellation fees as stated in the cancellation policy clause.
Force Majeure or Impossibility of services execution
It is agreed that in the event of force majeure that prevents the implementation of the services mentioned in the offer or makes it almost impossible, such as earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, hurricanes, and so on, or the existence of certain political and security conditions such as wars, disturbances and curfews and the like, in the countries of the service providers territory, There is for a company is not obliged to provide all or some of the services stated in the offer, and the provision of services shall be made according to the possibilities be.
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