About Cabio

CABRIO, short for the French word cabriolet which means a coupe car.

CABRIO is a luxury chauffeur company servicing visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It offers seamless enjoyment of luxury through a wide range of premium services.

These carefully tailored services suit one’s every need and reflect our wealth of knowledge and experience serving high profile individuals.

The essence of CABRIO is embodied in its chauffeurs: knowledgeable, professional, and pristine personal drivers dedicated to superb timekeeping and accommodating various client requests.

Enjoy a fleet of luxurious vehicles, top-notch in safety, comfort, reliability, and of course…elegance.
Passion for perfection is what drives us…and will drive you…to the ultimate chauffeur experience: one unmatched in luxury, attention to detail, and style.

What makes CABRIO exceptional?

  • We are one of the leading premier chauffeur services launched in Saudi Arabia
  • Our chauffeurs are punctual, professional, and experienced
  • Chauffeurs and their vehicles maintain a pristine level of cleanliness
  • Prices are competitive, guaranteed
  • CABRIO provides added value chauffeur experiences (gifts & exclusive discounts)
  • There is excellent and reliable communication with chauffeurs which guarantees seamless uninterrupted service
  • Chauffeurs are your personal assistants, offering guidance and suggestions for a host of different activities (tourism, accommodation, dining, etc.)

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